Our Talent Institute has as main objective to provide a platform where artists can discover and develop their talents and skills. Composed of a team of young and dynamic coaches, we provide courses mainly in dance, and occasionally organize workshops in various artistic fields like drama, script writing, film direction, photography, painting, modelling and grooming.

Our main studio is found in Floreal, and due to the success of our classes and due to big demand, we opened a 2nd branch in Flacq in 2014. We are looking to expand to other regions of the island so that we can train more talents.

Apart from traditional classes like Bollywood (advance & beginners), Zumba, Salsa and kids’ class, we also coach bridal couples to dance on their wedding day or even relatives of the couple who want to surprise the family. We are very often approached by groups of colleagues who want to have fun by performing for their staff party.

Our KIDDY FUN CLUB, organized during the school holidays knows a mega success due to the quality and variety of activities. We offer activities like drama, art & craft, singing, reading, painting, dancing, games, and outings.



DAY                    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 17hr15 to 18hr15 (Floreal Branch)
DESCRIPTION               Move to the tune of Latino music and work out with lots of fun with our qualified and licensed coach. It is excellent cardio exercises and helps to reduce weight. Get into the craze of ZUMBA…
DAY & TIME Tuesdays & Fridays - 17hr00 to 18hr00 (Floreal Branch)
DESCRIPTION               This class is specially designed for dance lovers who are completely new to this discipline where they get special attention. We teach them the basic of dance with very simple sets of steps and we also work out different part of their body while having fun to move on good bollywood tunes for some great cardio.

Tuesdays & Fridays - 18hr00 to 19hr00 (Floreal Branch)
Saturdays - 13hr00 to 14hr00 (Floreal Branch)
Saturdays - 13hr00 to 14hr00 (Flacq Branch)

DESCRIPTION               Starts with a good session of warming up with our professional team, followed by learning steps and choreographies on latest hits of Bollywood, it helps reducing weight with good cardio exercises while having fun by dancing to the tune of all item songs of Bollywood helps to get rid of all stress.
DAY & TIME     
Mondays & Wednesdays - 18hr00 to 19hr00 (Floreal Branch)
  Saturdays - 14hr00 to 15hr00 (Flacq Branch)

Tuesdays - 16hr00 to 17hr00 (Floreal Branch)
Saturdays - 14hr00 to 15hr00 (Floreal Branch)
Saturdays - 12hr00 to 13hr00 (Flacq Branch)

DESCRIPTION               Kids get to learn different dance styles from western to eastern, it’s a fun class which helps them spend their energy, discover their body and keep fit while having fun with games and other activities. They also regularly have the chance to produce themselves on stage with a real audience which help them to build a better personality and get rid of their timidity.

Created since 1996, Nalini Dance Group is the pioneer of Bollywood dance in Mauritius. Their unique style combines elegance, grace and sensuality to each of our creation. The leading dancing group in Mauritius brings to you the sensations of being in a dream, carried away by the glamorous costumes.

Bollywoodhaving reached the summit of the world, all the latest hits from the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood is transformed into breath-taking dance items. The dynamic team assures pure entertainment by reproducing excerpts of the world's latest craze, Bollywood.

Professionalism being the key of success of the team, Nalini Dance Group is called to perform in the most prestigious hotels, biggest concerts, banquets and gala shows across Mauritius. Their talent crosses the ocean when they regularly have the opportunity to perform abroad. The team gets recognition for their hard work by performing in Bollywood films shot Mauritius.