Kiddy Fun Club

We are proud to note that on several consecutive years, our KIDDY FUN CLUB has known tremendous success. Set up during school holidays, the aim of this club is to offer various fun and creative activities to kids from 4 - 10 years while enhancing their imagination, concentration, memory and fitness. The technology world has reached the youngest of the human race and television has become the easiest way to keep the kids entertained by busy parents. The idea of setting up the KIDDY FUN CLUB is to encourage kids to remain active and play creative games which will only be to their benefit.

KIDDY FUN CLUB is organised mainly during school holidays where kids come to have fun with creative exercises like drama, dance, painting, public speaking, outings, reading, singing, face painting and many more. Kids spend their excess of energy in a positive way, under the supervision of our trained coaches. 


KFC 2015