Our company has unique and creative solutions that meet your expectations by realizing your objectives.

  • We provide a high professional quality of services by a highly motivated and dynamic team
  • 24/7 availability
  • Saves your time as we cater for all your needs from A to Z
  • Continuous search of innovative ideas
  • Attractive packages
  • Customers’ satisfaction is our main objective

Our Production House

  • Feature films
  • Ad shoots
  • Corporate films
  • Documentary films  
  • Filming permits for foreign film crews

The usual channel of networking with local authorities demands a flow of communication towards various offices, namely:

  • Prime Minister's office for security and visa clearances
  • Custom's Department for Props/Equipment clearance
  • Ministry of Tourism Leisure and External Communications / Department of Civil Aviation /Airport of Mauritius Ltd for shooting at the Airport and Mauritius Ports Authority for shooting at the ports/docks and other related bodies/parties for appropriate permissions as applicable.

We look after obtaining all the permits for your shooting in Mauritius.

Location hunting
In the proximity of the island, various locations such as forest, mountains, greeneries, forts, beaches, cliffs and reefs, modern architecture décor & various natural décor.

Casting and talent agency
-    Dance (African, Sega, Latino, Bollywood etc.)
-    Actors
-    Extras
-    Musicians
-    Models
-    Choreographer

Hotel Accommodation
We can provide 7 star hotels as well as bed and breakfast motels for your crew at excellent rates.

Transport arrangements
We cater for all your transport as from your arrival till your departure to facilitate your flexibility in changing shooting locations and moving around the island.

Make up arrangements
We can provide you with:

  • professional make up for cinema
  • special effects
  • hair styling
  • costume designing and many more…

Props Arrangements
We can cater for all including props, such as bikes, helicopters, limousine, antic cars etc.  
All kinds of props and accessories are easily available in the territory. Props designers are also available to cater for each of your requirements.

Decoration and Floral arrangements
We can cater for all kinds of décor and settings

Logistic & Technical support
We also provide rental of equipments such as cranes, camera, light & sound, track and trolleys, travelling rails, reflectors, generator sets etc.

Photography & Video Services
We have the experience you need for commercial, industrial, infomercial productions & more.

We look forward sharing our knowledge of shooting with you.

On-location catering services
Exceptional catering services to suit all budgets.