With approximately 50 production companies coming to Mauritius each year for their film shooting, our company acts as a ONE STOP SHOP for the local & foreign filmmakers by providing relevant information, support and co-ordination. In other words, our company is the interface between the local authorities and the professionals of the film & audiovisual industry.

As your prime filmmaking destination, Mauritius offers:

  • Spectacular locations - Mauritius has endless kilometres of unspoiled beaches, protected lagoons, natural and marvelous sceneries, magnificent volcanic mountain ranges, valleys, native forests, rich tropical fauna and flora and boasts of its world heritage site, the Apravasi Ghat, where indentured labourers from India first landed in 1834 in Mauritius to toil as hard labour in sugar cane fields.
  • Time Saving/ Competitive Infrastructure - The International Airport is 30 minutes away from the capital Port-Louis and about one hour from the farthest location in the country. The road infrastructure is well developed and reliable.
  • Low costs - High returns on investment in film production can be expected due to competitive rates
  • Multilingual and Pluri-Cultural Society - Mauritius is a multicultural and multilingual country with a diversity of ethnic groups thus providing a pool of extras fluent in various foreign languages, anywhere, anytime and always connected. Telecommunication facilities through satellite and the optical Safe cable network provide swift reliable communication with the outside world. High speed broadband connectivity is also available at very competitive tariffs.
  • Equipment & Video Editing - Heavy filming equipment namely crane, track and trolley, travelling rails, HMI light, generator sets, reflectors, etc. are available for shooting. Video Editing facilities are also available.