To stimulate the interest of film makers and encourage the setting up of a film industry in Mauritius, the government of Mauritius is developing a comprehensive film support framework for the film industry. With immediate effect the government of Mauritius is introducing a Rebate Scheme on a pilot basis for a period of six months. The scheme is being administered by the Board of Investment.

As per the scheme, government will contribute 25% of the Qualified Production Expenditure (QPEs) incurred in Mauritius by a film producer with respect to the shooting of a film. The QPEs will include transport, accommodation, manpower, catering, and the hiring of equipment and premises in Mauritius. The QPEs will, however, be exclusive of sponsorships.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme will be available to film production companies registered in Mauritius, including those with 100% foreign ownership, or to film production companies using the services of a locally registered online producer company;

  • Only applications from existing series or from producers with a clear track record will be entertained;
  • Applications should include a defined distribution plan and the expected target audience to be reached.
  • Applications should include the beneficial exposure that would be given to Mauritius including a description of local content.