Hello Friends,

We have the pleasure to welcome you to our website which has been revamped completely. The previous one dated since 2010, and we thought it was high time for a relooking.

Thanks to you, NaliniAubeeluck.com has enjoyed amazing success since its launch back in December 2010, and since, the website have had over 61,000 unique page views, that is an average of 68.5 unique page views daily. We have had visitors from over 120 countries and also received lots of positive feedbacks from them. 45.8 % of our traffic sources has been from search engines (exclusively organic sources including google.com, bing.com and yahoo.com), 38.8 % have been referred by over 159 links found on other websites around the world, and 15.4 % visited the website directly. Considering the fact that not a single cent has been spent on paid ads, this has been a great achievement.

Through this new website, we have tried to simplify your access to information and enhance your browsing experience. We have also implemented new security features to make your browsing safe and secure. We will also be adding new features very soon. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and that you will also encourage your peers to do so.

Thank you for your continuous support. Cheers!!