Director and choreographer of the NALINI DANCE COMPANY, Nalini Aubeeluck is one of the most talented and brightest young star of the Mauritian showbiz. The multi-talented artist has proven her professionalism and capacity in various artistic fields such as dance, acting and TV presenter. During years of performance and practice, she has forged a very strong reputation in those sectors of activity.

Her achievements she owes it to her determination, fighting spirit and will to succeed. But above all, she owes her success to her unconditional faith in God and the luck of having such a wonderful destiny.

Trained in performing arts as well as performing for the television in a prestigious school, she did several TV ads and played in several films for the Mauritius Film Festivals where she was awarded for her acting abilities. She has also been a famous TV presenter at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, presenting the weather forecast at peak time. She produced and hosted several well-known TV shows.

Today, her talent is recognised not just locally, but also internationally. She is respected and appreciated for her achievements and wonderful job. She also participates into organizing and choreographing dance shows during concerts by popular international singers and artists.

She brings her expertise by being member of jury on various dance competitions organized by governmental bodies and also successful competitions like Dance Fever and more recently, she was president of the jury on the very successful TV show The Power.

She has trained many newcomers in the fashion world and also organizes fashion shows regularly to launch new talents. She has been awarded on a national level for her contribution in arts and culture.

She proved that she can be a successful entrepreneur by launching a unique business model, a one-stop shop for events and entertainment, with an attached dance studio, strategically located in the heart of Floreal. She recently opened a second branch of her studio in Flacq to satisfy the demand of her followers.

Her latest achievement?? She had the female lead role in the successful feature film LONBRAZ KANN which has been acclaimed in different film festival around the world.

Nalini Aubeeluck has clearly demarcated herself from the rest through her achievements.

Nalini is constantly looking to prove herself as an actress and is opened to projects on the international market. To contact her, please send an enquiry email.